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Atlanta Personal Chef Service is changing the way that Atlanta families do dinner. Imagine dinner where everyone enjoys family time, good food, and peace of mind.

We believe that food is incredibly personal. We nurture ongoing relationships and work to earn the trust of the individuals and families we serve. In doing so, we can understand not only your dietary values and dining preferences, but also those culinary touches that turn dinnertime into moments of delight and luxury.

Both of our Weekly Dinner Services pair one of our chefs with your family. The relationship starts with an initial consultation to determine your family’s food preferences.

Each week, your chef will design a menu specifically for your family using fresh, seasonal ingredients for you to review. With the week’s menu established, your chef will visit your home on a scheduled basis—most families start with two or three days a week. Your chef starts each day shopping for the best ingredients available and then will prepare dinner right in your own kitchen. Our chefs will always leave your kitchen clean and tidy.

Basic Service

Your Chef will visit your home two or three times a week in the morning hours and prepare two meals. The first meal, to be eaten that day, is a two course meal, while the second meal, for the following day is a simpler, one course meal. Food will be packaged and left with easy reheating instructions. Weekly packages start at $360 for four dinners per week, without the cost of groceries.

Sample Weekly Menu

A Mon/Wed service schedule may incur a $50/week fee and is based upon our chef’s availability.

Weekly Dinner Pricing

Service Day Includes: Two customized chef prepared entrees (containing a protein, starch and vegetable) and one salad or appetizer with detailed labeling and instructions for heating the food.


Groceries are a flat reimbursement and will vary depending on your family’s food preferences. The cost of groceries is not included in the Service costs listed above.

Payment/Sign Up Now


Atlanta Personal Chef Service sets up an auto-payment account for each client with the option of using either eCheck or credit card. Paying by credit card incurs a 3.5% convenience fee while paying by eCheck does not.


We allot 6 service day cancellations every calendar year towards an APCS gift certificate. Please see our Cancellation/Holiday Policy for full details.

Looking to purchase our weekly service for someone?

Gift a personal chef experience for a gift that will be remembered all year long.

Atlanta Personal Chef Service is the preeminent resource for prepared family dinners and in-home event catering. We are a relationship company that recognizes the power of culinary experiences to bring people together. Our team of professionally-trained chefs attends to the dietary values and dining preferences of each client. Discerning clients trust us for the best quality food, delivered with the highest degree of passion and reliability.