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Retreat Personal Chefs

We often get asked if our chefs can travel to various parts of the state, or even out of state, to provide personal chef services for executive retreats, family gatherings, or even weddings. The short answer is yes, absolutely. It’s a fun opportunity for our chefs to embrace the challenge of providing foods for groups, small or large.

Our pricing structure can vary but typically starts at $800 per day for a group up to 14 individuals. After that, we’ll probably need two chefs to handle the load, and the pricing will increase. For each engagement, we’ll start by setting the perfect menu for your group and talking through kitchen details.

The cost of groceries will be additional and will depend on the menu agreed up (requests for all organics and grass-fed/wild-caught proteins tend to drive up the cost). Lastly, please keep in mind our chefs will be working 14 – 16 hour days to pull together three meals a day, and will need a comfortable place to rest up for a good night’s sleep. If a private room and bathroom aren’t available on-site, we can usually find a hotel nearby. Mileage expenses and lodging costs will need to be reimbursed as incurred.

Private Chef Placement Services

Searching for an attentive, professional, amenable and trustworthy private chef? We can help.

We’ve been hiring and training personal chefs for years, and our weekly service has proven to be great training grounds for the qualities you’re looking for in a full-time chef for your family. We will only introduce you to chefs who have passed a tasting interview and background check, and who have a history indicative of long-term success with clients. Some of our private chefs are veterans of our weekly personal chef service and come with referrals from other discerning clients.

To launch a private chef search, please email Amy directly at amy@atlchefs.com. There is a $500 charge to begin the search process. Placement fees are not due until after a 60 day trial period. You are under no obligation to hire one of the chefs Atlanta Personal Chef Service introduces you to, but hope you are delighted with the quality, talented chefs we do connect you with.

Atlanta Personal Chef Service is the preeminent resource for prepared family dinners and in-home event catering. We are a relationship company that recognizes the power of culinary experiences to bring people together. Our team of professionally-trained chefs attends to the dietary values and dining preferences of each client. Discerning clients trust us for the best quality food, delivered with the highest degree of passion and reliability.