A metro-Atlanta native, Mollie jumped into the hospitality world at the age of 15 while working at the Chick-fil-A in Roswell Corners. She went on to study Mass Media Arts Journalism, with a Minor in Communication Studies. Immediately after graduation, she launched her career at Alon’s Bakery and Market in their newly formed catering operation. During this time, she discovered a love for orchestrating events and catering experiences and went on to collaborate with several event planning companies as a dedicated Professional Event Assistant. 

Mollie later took on the role of Director of Private Events at ClubCorp, and then Assistant Banquet Manager at Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta. During the pandemic, Mollie took a position with Royal Food Service, and what was meant to be a short-term job led to nearly three years working in the world of wholesale produce.

 Mollie loves to go on culinary adventures all around Atlanta, discovering new places with her boyfriend, who is also a fellow food enthusiast. Middle Eastern and Asian food are her go-to cuisines to enjoy, and her favorite restaurant in Atlanta is Delbar­. “I can’t get enough Tahdig, which is a Persian specialty that is made by cooking rice in a way that creates a crispy, golden, perfectly caramelized crust that takes the shape of the bottom of the pot,” Mollie shares.

When she’s not working or dining out with friends, you can often find Mollie testing out recipes in her own kitchen. “I love to bake, and I am known for my banana bread recipe that has been passed down from my dad,” she explains. 

 Mollie and her boyfriend have two cats, one of which is of the hairless variety, and they are very passionate about caring for them. Mollie also shares a quirky fact: “We have seen every single episode of Law & Order SVU, which has been our bedtime ritual since we started dating.”