Chef Kelsey

Chef Kelsey, a SoCal native, turned a culinary hobby into a profound career, beginning as a dish-prep pro driven by a love for learning and adapting to dietary needs. With a diverse background, she contributed to establishments like Canoe, Lure, Eleventh Street Pub, and Havana Cigar Lounge, thriving under Chef Kris Connell’s transformative mentorship.

Mentorship is crucial in Kelsey’s journey, with Chef Gizzy and Chef Jason from our very own APCS standing out as exceptional guides. Inspired by Chef Dominique Crenn, Kelsey aspires to reach new culinary heights, emphasizing finesse and artistic plating. Additionally Chef Maya Mastersson of NOLA and her series of pop ups titled “Soul” are a huge inspiration to Kelsey. In addition to sharing her knowledge and insights to help develop her cooking, her pop ups are an educational and immersive experience that highlights black history and black culture. “She’s a genius, and I’m grateful to know her.” says Kelsey.

Rooted in comfort, Kelsey’s favorite dishes, including smoking meats and scallops, bring people together, embracing diverse cuisines.
While Atlanta has her heart, Tacos la Villa embodies home. Beyond the kitchen, Kelsey enjoys hiking, gardening, reading, anime, and supporting local artists. At her core, she believes everyone deserves a good meal, aiming to share joy and love for food, creating memorable culinary experiences.