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Shopping tips and tricks from your personal chefs

In order to get the freshest ingredients possible, we go shopping every day before we provide personal chef service in our clients’ homes. We’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks to share with you to help you cut down your time in the store, and maybe save you...

Chef’s Selection Winter 2019 Dinner Party Sample Menus

Hot Appetizers Dungeness crab cake, charred corn & spicy cherry pepper relish, braised shallot & dill creme fraiche Crispy risotto pimento cheese “arancini”, snap pea & jalapeno slaw Golden beet carpaccio, black pepper goat cheese crumbles, goat crema,...

Chef of the Month: Chef Tai

Tai Hart has been a chef with Atlanta Personal Chef Service for two and a half years. Tai began as many chefs do, cooking with his mom. "I quickly associated cooking with spending time with my mom," Tai reminisces. "Sadly, my mother passed away from cancer...


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