Chef Akeem

Born and bred in Atlanta, Georgia, Akeem cultivated his culinary prowess amidst the vibrant culinary landscape of his hometown. What started as a necessity during his high school years, blossomed into a full-fledged passion for cooking as he nourished his family with homemade meals. After fine-tuning his skills at Le Cordon Bleu in Tucker, Georgia, and immersing himself in the culinary traditions of the South of France, Akeem embarked on a career spanning over nine years with esteemed restaurant groups like Fifth Group and Oliva Restaurants in Atlanta.

Guided by the culinary philosophies of luminaries like Chef Thomas Keller and Chef Dan Barber, Akeem infuses his dishes with a blend of Southern charm and global influences. Inspired by the bold flavors of North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, he creates culinary masterpieces that celebrate local ingredients and family recipes. Marcel holds a special place in his heart as his go-to spot for exceptional dining experiences in Atlanta.

Beyond the kitchen, Akeem finds solace in biking, exploring Atlanta’s neighborhoods, and scenic trails. Passionate about promoting wellness through food, he advocates for the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, reflecting his commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.