Chef Chel

Chel was born in Manhattan, New York City but was raised in Edgewater Park, New Jersey since the age of three. As a young girl, she would help her mom and grandmother wash greens and make sweet potato pie every year for Thanksgiving. “No one makes better sweet potato pie than my mom!” she asserts. She took her first culinary class in high school, and the constant positive feedback from her teacher, Mrs. Livingston, helped Chel realize this might be a good career path for her.

Chel went on to attend Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. During her time at JWU, Chel spent several months in France exploring the French gastronomic culture through Alain Ducasse. The program was directed by several 3-star Michelin Chefs. “One of my favorite highlights from that experience was living off a farm in the south of France. I grew the juiciest tomatoes I have ever eaten—I think I made bruschetta every chance that I got!” she enthuses. Chel earned a Certificate of Achievement with a specialization in Farm to Table from Ducasse Education.

Chel’s passion to grow in the culinary industry has landed her many jobs in different facets of the hospitality world, such as cooking at country clubs, being an assistant baker in a vegan bakeshop, exploring food media by working as a culinary social media marketing specialist, and freelance catering many art and music shows around Philadelphia and South Jersey. In 2022, Chel relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to seek new experiences and continue to excel in her culinary career.

Chel loves to combine different techniques and flavors from different cultures into one. Her family loves when she makes coquito macarons for the holidays! Her favorite food to eat is teriyaki chicken with fried rice, pernil with arroz con gandules, or brownies a la mode.