Chef Kimberli

Chef Kimberli was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, where as a child, she was always in the kitchen cooking something—experimenting and trying everything out on her friends and cousins. After high school, she embraced her love for cooking and went to Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute in Trinidad, where she studied baking and pastry arts for one year, then culinary arts management.

At the age of 19, Kimberli decided to move to Atlanta to further her culinary education, where she attended the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Atlanta. She went on to work in several restaurants throughout Trinidad and Atlanta, including as a sous chef for Concentrics Restaurant Group, working at TAP, Parish and Two Urban Licks. She also worked at fine dining restaurants like Abattoir and Woodfire Grill, where they specialized in seven-course tasting menus.

Chef Kimberli learned much working under Chef Tyler Williams at Abattoir. “He taught me proper time management skills and how to prioritize and plan for the next step,” she reflects with gratitude. “He inspired me with how he played with different flavors and types of cuisines.” While she loves making Caribbean and Indian food, her favorite foods to eat are sushi, Mexican and Indian, and her favorite Atlanta restaurants are Eight Sushi, Bar Taco for a nice upbeat environment, or Tacos La Villa for a more traditional experience. “And I must have dessert!” she adds.

When she’s not cooking, Kimberli enjoys going to different restaurants and experiencing all different cultures through their cuisine. “I also love working out and traveling the world,” she shares. “Spending quality time with friends and family also holds a special place in my heart!”