Chef Kyle

Chef Kyle grew up in Marion, South Carolina, where his first job was as a cook/baker in a grocery store deli. “I was so excited to learn to make delicious things and share them with the community,” he remembers.

Kyle received his Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. He worked in the restaurant industry for thirteen years and is a food safety subject matter expert for multiple organizations.

Chef Kyle lived in Thailand for a year as a culinary sabbatical where he learned a lot about the cuisine, culture, and language. Kyle has also spent the last twenty years teaching nearly every course in culinary and patisserie programs at several colleges. “I’m always focused on learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others,” he shares.

The chef that had the biggest impact on Kyle was Chef Michel Richard at Citrus in Hollywood, CA. “He was originally a pastry chef, so he brought an interesting twist of creativity to his cuisine,” Chef Kyle explains. “I still use a lot of recipes and techniques from my time working with him.” He also learned a lot from reading Harvesting Excellence by Alain Ducasse—a book that emphasized the often-overlooked importance of selecting ingredients for peak flavor.

Chef Kyle’s favorite food to eat is tacos made with corn tortillas and layers of flavors piled on, and the tacos de pulpo at El Rey Del Taco rank as his favorite restaurant meal. When he’s not cooking elaborate dishes at work or tacos at home, Kyle spends most of his free time with family and friends, foraging and dancing. “Recently, I’ve been making European tortes for friends’ birthdays,” he shares.