Why We Do What We Do

Hi there,

I’m writing today to share my passion. I hope you can relate. I’ll try to keep it brief.

Today marks a milestone, and we’re celebrating! Did you know that five years ago TODAY, the vision of Atlanta Personal Chef Service became a reality? On January 2, 2012, I registered the business in the state of GA, and we had a mission: to bring families back to the dinner table.

Not everyone recognized that family dinner time was slowly fading away. But I was off to change that.

Starting a business is hard. No “woe is me” here, just a little bit of context. The food industry is challenging. A background in finance and healthcare, heck, even an MBA, didn’t prepare me for the road that lay ahead for a “food-trepreneur.” Rent, equipment, staffing, weather interruptions, taxes, licensing, food safety, etc, etc… It’s tough.

WHY we do what we do is the beautiful part.

When I can call my clients my friends, share in the excitement of their kid’s accomplishments, become a part of someone’s ONE TIME celebration of a birthday, wedding, or graduation…

even when we play a small part in easing someone’s pain after a tough event like a funeral…

All of this gives me JOY. Our real mission is connecting people together over food.

We are so busy nowadays, make a pledge to really slow down and connect when you sit down for a meal. Teach your family what they are eating and why it matters. Put away your devices, and connect with those around you. This is my wish for your family in 2017.

Passion is AWESOME. So many people seem to just be getting by, from one day to the next. Just existing. Be one to inspire others, inspire yourself, and share the joy of good food and good company.

I also learned that by making a difference in the lives of YOUR family, I could also make a difference in the lives of the chefs who join our team, so they can gain better working hours, better pay, and evenings and holidays, and more meals, with their loved ones.

Thanks for listening, and hopefully understanding WHY we do what we do.

As I learned from many of you, the first five years of a start-up are the hardest, but then again, the best things in life are hard to achieve.

I look forward to the honor and privilege of continuing to make a difference in the lives of many, and spreading JOY through food in the years to come.

Have a blessed 2017,